Cara Czech

Canadian HR Reporter Content Marketing Campaign

Increasing Awareness Through Targeted Initiatives

The CCA orchestrated an impactful digital campaign through the esteemed platform of the Canadian HR Reporter. With an impressive 2.91 million unique visits to the HR Reporter website, and a substantial e-newsletter readership exceeding ten thousand comprised of HR professionals, insurers, and employers, the campaign gained extensive reach. 

Leveraging channel sponsorship, the CCA effectively disseminated its message by publishing bi-monthly articles over a three-month period, covering diverse topics. The campaign maximized its impact by strategically placing targeted advertisements and branding on the HR Reporter website, complemented by engaging banner ads featured in their influential newsletter. 

A significant highlight was the publication and promotion of an issue paper, effectively communicated through a sponsored email blast, further amplifying the campaign’s reach and resonance. 

In the campaign, I took on the responsibility of spearheading the conceptualization and design of all visual elements. This encompassed crafting diverse display ad layouts and orchestrating the aesthetic presentation of the Whitepaper document, which was then disseminated through an impactful email blast.