Cara Czech

A Chiro was Here Campaign

Generate Ideas that Create Big Impact for Brands

In 2021, the Canadian Chiropractic Association (CCA) launched A Chiro Was Here – a cohesive digital marketing campaign that included web design and development, search marketing and optimization, targeted social media ads and marketing automation.

As part of the campaign team, I designed an informative landing page on the CCA’s website where we could drive and measure campaign traffic as well as host engaging written and video content.

The A Chiro Was Here campaign helped the CCA reach more than 1.25 million users in 2021. Those users clicked CCA display ads, shared content, commented or liked. Many of them visited the CCA website or completed the ultimate goal—they searched for a local chiropractor on the ‘Find A Chiro’ online member search tool. Our goal was to shift Canadians from awareness to consideration.

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